Hope Login

Once you log in, you can choose the "People" section to find basic contact information on all members and regular attenders at Hope.

Also under the "My Profile" tab you can update your own information by clicking in the grey title bar of the section you want to change.

You will now be able to view your giving history and pledge history. We encourage you to review this periodically to make sure everything is correct.

Send email to receive your breeze login

If you are an active member or regular attender, you can now request a login that will give you access to the database. 

If you have a smart phone, there is an app available for both iPhone and Android that you can simply download from the appropriate app store. Search for an app called "Breeze ChMS" or find it on the "more" tab of our Hope App.  Tap "Connect". The next prompt should be,  "what is your Church ID?" Type in  hopecommunity.  

This should bring you to our sign in page with our logo on top (Note: make sure it's our logo, there are many  Hope Community Churches out there).  Sign in with the user name and password you created from the breeze link you were sent.

Once you receive your email link, if you need help logging in, please contact the church office by calling 360-357-3235 or send us a message.

Watch a demo here!