Ministry to Men at Hope...

is always aimed at making and equipping disciples.  We mean to help fathers, sons, husbands, and friends to fulfill the unique purpose for which Christ has called them.


We are not top-heavy on events but we do have three key events
this year.  The goal of these events is to get around men and enjoy the camaraderie of a few guys doing things that guys like to do. 

Men’s Retreat on Whidbey Island          Feb 9-10
Ping Pong Tournament                         Spring 2017

The retreat on Whidbey is in connection with Hillside Ev Free
which happens to be the new Church home of Pastor Steve.
Cost is $40 and covers food, lodging and retreat speaker.

In order to offer the ping pong tournament, we need to borrow your
ping pong table.  Please contact the Church Office if you have a ping
pong table that you can loan to us.

Pure Desire

Serious small group study for men who are seeking freedom from shame and addiction associated with sexual impurity. This confidential and compassionate group offers real hope to men who have struggled for years in isolation and personal failure.      

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Men's Discipleship

Interested in learning how to disciple men?  Join with us in a year-long journey of following Jesus, the master disciple-maker.

We will meet in small groups on a regular basis.  Complete the form below and you will be contacted by Pastor Karl.


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