Discover Hope

Discover Hope...

is our path to membership.  In order to give you a good understanding of our church, we have created three events which will give you information and an opportunity to meet several different leaders at Hope.  Each event will be hosted by one of our leaders and take place in a home.  In addition to a rich evening of fellowship, you will be treated to a dessert.

who we are 
  • This will be at Pastor Karl's home. The Alsins will share their story and the story of the Church. You'll hear Pastor Karl's vision for the Church as a gospel community and what it means to belong to the Evangelical Free denomination.
  • Two of our leaders will talk through some of the key elements of our Statement of Beliefs and why we lean so heavily on the Bible.
  • Two of our leaders will talk through our Membership Covenant. Every new member has expectations of the Church and the Church as some expectations of its members as well.

Our next class will be offered January 2020.  Check back in December for registration.