Our mission at Hope Community Church...

is to support missionaries around the world and send our members as missionaries. During an average year, we will send one team of adults and one team of students with a few adult leaders. These trips typically last one week in duration and cost anywhere from $400 to $900. We have three primary goals for these trips:

  1. Support a long-term local ministry that can benefit from our team.
  2. Engage in effective ministry with people in their home community.
  3. Give our members an affordable, attainable but life-changing experience.

In the past few years our teams have gone to New Orleans, Texas, an Indian Reservation in Washington, Vancouver B.C., San Francisco, Jamaica, Swaziland, South Africa, Dominican Republic,  Montana, Costa Rica and Mexico!

Poland short term mission trip opportunity with Missionary Construction Team (MCT) September 7- October 2, 2017 

Your choice - go for 1 week, 2 weeks or all 3 weeks.

Mission info

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