Eric Martin


    Eric Martin joined our Elder Team in January 2019. Eric and his wife, Sarah Joy, and their 3 boys, Landon, Lincoln and Loghan started attending Hope in May 2017. The Martin Family are on our Greeter Team, involved in Sunday set up, and various other areas when needed. Sarah Joy works in the nursery and is also a part of our Hospitality Team!

    Eric's day job is in construction management for an industrial contractor. Eric has also volunteered in little league and other community activities. Eric enjoys hiking and reading, but whenever he has spare time, it is focused on spending time with his wife and boys.

    When we asked Eric if there was anything in particular he would want people to know about him, his response was: “My heart is for serving the Church and its individuals, whether it be picking up a shovel or discipleship and teaching. I love to see people grow closer to the Lord by knowing Him and seeing Him at work in their lives and hearts.”

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