who we are

We are a collection of ordinary people who have encountered an extraordinary God. We are a work in progress as the Holy Spirit does His transformational work in our lives to help us to love like Jesus, live like Jesus, and thereby look like Jesus.

What we believe


Hope is the place where we all belong. No matter your gender, age, ethnicity, ability, or socio-economic background, you are welcome here at Hope Community Church.

What to Expect


At Hope, we are striving to be people who offer our lives in our worship of the God of the Bible. We know that the Creator of the universe wants to be involved in our daily lives, so we position ourselves to connect with Him and partner in what He wants to do.

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Hope Community Church is more than a building. It’s people. With God being active in our everyday lives, we hope to tell others about the good things He is doing for us, in us and through us as a witness of what He can and will do for anyone else.



God’s word, the Bible, is powerful. It answers life’s questions and reveals God’s heart for humanity, so we treasure what God has to say in His Word. As a people in progress, we strive to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord as revealed in Scripture.



God’s heart is for people and for the nations, so at Hope, we strive to generously share, serve and go. We are privileged to represent the love of God as we give ourselves away to others.