Core Classes is our adult education hour that is designed to help every believer in our Church to grow in their knowledge of Scripture, to develop a biblical worldview, and to be increasingly able to apply the Gospel to every area of their lives.

We at HCC recognize that Core Classes are better suited to address certain topics than a Sunday morning service or home group. Our Sunday service centers around preaching which is a monologue intended to reach more of the heart than the mind. Similarly, our home group ministries emphasize more relational goals with some discussion around the Bible. Our Core Classes, though not neglecting the heart, aim more at loving God with our minds. And while our Core Classes will include monologue, they will also feature dialogue which is a strength of the classroom setting.
The Lord's Prayer
February 25 - June 9

We will begin a deep dive into the Lord’s Prayer as given in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. In discussing the prayer itself, we will also learn much about the person to whom it is directed. As we talk about prayer, and the Lord’s Prayer in particular, our hope is that all of us will have our prayer life challenged and enhanced by this study and a better understanding of what the Bible says about prayer. Come along and spend the next fourteen weeks deepening and refreshing your relationship with “Our Father as you talk to Him.

How to Study the Bible
April 14-June 2

This class will cover:

  • The most important methods of understanding how the bible fits together
  • The bible’s structure and literary genres
  • Some specific study tools and methods to allow us to better understand the bible.
Membership Matters
The next class will be offered in the Fall of 2024.

If the Bible is the cornerstone of our Church, then membership is the cement that holds us all together. Both Christ and Paul pointed us toward membership for our encouragement, our protection, and our instruction.  Pastor Aaron leads the classes and they are offered twice a year in Spring and Fall, Sunday mornings.

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